Posted on August 23, 2017

Atlanta Life: Candlefish in Ponce City Market

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I love discovering awesome places to go and things to do in Atlanta.   As much as I like to travel, having so many cool options without having to get on a plane makes you feel like all of your city taxes that come out of your check might be worth something.  A few months ago, one of my good friends put me on to an amazing spot where you can make your own scented candles, CandleFish located inside of Ponce City Market.

Candlefish in Atlanta, GA

Candlefish Storefront

Candlefish in Atlanta, GA

Library of scents

CandleFish is located in midtown Atlanta, inside of Ponce City Market.

Candlefish in Atlanta, GA

Candlefish in Atlanta, GA

Upon arrival, you are set up with all of the necessary tools to make (2) large candles.  Afterwards, you proceed to choose your scent from a ‘library’ of over 50 scents to apply to your candle wax.  The scents are amazing and intense!  They have fruity ones, floral ones, musk options, etc.  The cool thing about choosing a number from the library, is that you can keep a card on file with all of the numbers that you like and someone can just walk in, ask for your card, and purchase one that you like.

My personal favorite is, 98 (hint, hint for anyone that wants to buy me one).

Candlefish in Atlanta, GA

Tools provided to start making candles

Candlefish in Atlanta, GA

Waiting for candles to cool

Candlefish is a perfect ‘date night’ activity or even recently added, fun with the kids (ages 8-14) in their ‘Junior Candle Making Workshop’

If you don’t have time to take the class or would like to make your own in your own home, Candlefish also sells kits in Anthropologie, click the link here

Candlefish in Atlanta, GA

Products for purchase

In my opinion, the best part of this activity isn’t just being able to take home a personalized scented candle, but that you can bring your own drinks and where there’s drinks, there’s bound to be fun.  Feel free to check out their website, for pricing and the Atlanta class schedule information.  Have fun guys!

For another Atlanta Life feature specifically for kids, check out my post on Tiny Towne.

Candlefish in Atlanta, GA


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