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Hey guys!

Here is where I’ll be listing some of fav items that you might inquire about on my social platforms. Happy shopping!!

  1. Facial steamer: Nano Iconic LONOVE

I loveeeeee this facial steamer! Most steamers that I searched for all seemed to have the same features and same price range, so I chose this one because this was the only company that offered a pink one. The only con that I can think of is that you can only get about 10 minutes of steam from this before needing to refill it with water.

2. The much anticipated lights from my shower, you’re welcome ha! Turns out (I had no clue prior to) that these are indeed waterproof!

Here’s the link guys 🙂 And if your batteries run out, these come in a pack of 6. Happy Shopping!

3. Joey’s keyboard and music book

4. Plastic egg container for fridge

5. Rose gold toilet paper holder(available in other colors)

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