Posted on October 7, 2017

Blogalicious 9 Workshops

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Day 1 at Blogalicious 9 already has my gears moving with ideas ready to put into action!

Day 1 went down in the books as the day that you drink from a firehose.  There’s so much to take in, so many moments of joy from reuniting with people last year, and of course the infinite amount of business knowledge provided during the workshops.  You feel like you’re trying to drink from a firehose!  One of the biggest highlights of the conference are the various and unique conferences offered throughout the day.

“The intimacy of the workshops gives the ability to ask personalized questions and role play”

There are various workshops to choose from so that you are learning things that are applicable directly to you.  One of the workshops, “Negotiate Like a Boss”, was instructed by @EmilieAries of @BossedupOrg.  This workshop gave ways to not only negotiate sponsorship for your business and or blog, but advice on how to negotiate your corporate salary and request a raise from your current employer.  Another workshop offered yesterday was, “Blogger to Author”, that included tips from not just a blogger turned author, but a certified and a well established Book Publicist.  The featured blogger to author, @dcfab, shared tips on how to stay focused while writing your work and how to get started.  The amazing @mochaochanana, creator of ‘The Mocha Method’ explained how writing the book is just fifty percent of the work and the other half is marketing and strategy to ensure it gets into the right hands.

Before the conference you can skim through the agenda and choose which workshop will be most beneficial for you.  The intimacy of the workshops gives the ability to ask personalized questions and role play.  There’s so many offered throughout the day, you don’t have to choose just one.  The biggest piece of advice when it comes to choosing a workshop is to pick one that applies to your purpose, will have the biggest return on investment for YOUR business, and has subject matter that you know the least about.


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